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3 Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2015

With the world of marketing constantly changing, one thing is for certain, a knowledge of consumer behavior is crucial. This behavior can be hard to predict, as new technological advances that shape consumer behavior are released daily. 2015 will be the year of personalized mobile content for individual consumers. Companies must move quickly to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their relevancy. Below we will review 3 key marketing trends for 2015, which include Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Ad Targeting.

Content Marketing is Everything

One of the greatest Marketing Trends to lookout for this year is Content Marketing. Content marketing has proven to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels. In 2014 B2C marketers allocated an average of 25% of their marketing budget to content marketing, 59% of these companies say they will increase that number in 2015. If you are currently not engaged with content marketing, incorporating it into the strategy will be key for 2015. Visual content, such as infographics and video, can provide the biggest reach helping with customer engagement, while delivering brand recognition and your company’s message. When relevant content is delivered at the right time, you help bridge the gap and develop trust with your customers. Adapting content to technological advances, such as Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch, open up new ecosystems for content marketers.

Mobile Marketing is Exploding

image of a Mobile phone exploding with consumer spending Focusing on how mobile consumers interact with the content they receive is paramount to an effective marketing strategy. In early 2014, Mobile finally exceeded desktop usage 2014 with 99.5% of consumers accessing content or information. Additionally, Flurry saw a growth of 76% where shopping and productivity apps were the key drivers. Consumers use mobile devices, smartphones and tablet, throughout the day, which provides ample marketing opportunities. Additionally, Goldman Sachs reports that mobile revenue will jump to $626 Billion by 2018, compared to $204 Billion in 2014. Improving your mobile interface and user experience is critical to keeping your business relevant in 2015. Mobile marketing campaigns must be optimized specifically for the device used by your consumer. By incorporating heat maps and analyzing web data, you will gain the needed insight to optimize the mobile experience which in turn will drive an increase in leads and revenue. By providing an optimal mobile experience, you will keep potential, and current, customers engaged and on your website longer.

Target Your Customer

With continued innovation in consumer tracking, the data made available to us, particularly personally identifiable information Data, provides valuable insight to marketers. By analyzing the available data you can take immediate action to respond to customers through their personal preferences and behaviors. Generalized marketing has gone the way of the Dodo. Ads that are personally targeted are considered 2x more effective than non-targeted ones and, inspired 100% more people to research the products presented. An additional benefit to highly targeted Ad’s is cost. By focusing the audience for your marketing campaign, you create less waste. Understanding how to focus your marketing efforts in 2015 will have a significant impact on the continued growth of your audience. Remember to engage your customers with content marketing, make sure your mobile UX matches your customer’s expectations and use precise targeting for any of your campaign. With an abundance of marketing channels to choose from the task can be overwhelming. Contact us for a free analysis and we can guide you through the maze that is Digital Strategy.