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4 Easy Steps To Make Email Marketing Your Superstar

With Q4 poking its head around the corner, now is the time many companies start preparing for their year-end sales push. Budgets are increased for Paid Search and Display Advertising, Social Media is leveraged to increase engagement and commissions are increased for Affiliate Networks. However, Email Marketing can be neglected as some view it as an antiquated channel. In this post, we will review 4 ways to make sure your Email Marketing campaign works, not only during Q4, but for the whole year.

Subject Line

The subject line is the most critical component of any email, it should be short, to the point and provide your customer with a reason to open the email. Subject lines can be notifications, funny, shocking, or even a single word, determining which best works for you will be based on performance analysis of your segmented email database.

email marketing subject line

Segmenting Your Email Database

Segmenting your email database into specific interest groups will allow you to personalize the message to a select audience which can lead to an increase in open rates and click through rates. New developments in email retargeting can further focus your email message to be unique for each individual within your database. This technology creates dynamic email content, based on your customer’s most recent activity, with the ability to personalize products, offers and content.


email marketing cosistencyThere are two forms of consistency in email marketing, delivery and tone. For delivery you need to determine the optimal time or day of the week to send your email campaign. Being able to do this consistently daily, weekly or monthly, will help to train your customer’s expectations. Creating a consistent tone refers to maintaining a voice that reflects your company’s identity, this is very similar to the Social Media Tone discussed in this article. Additionally, tone can also reflect the structured layout, email elements, creative and more. The only limit to being consistent is if your current methodology is no longer working. Gathering feedback, A/B testing and looking at your analytics will help to determine if it’s time for a change.

Track Your Results

As with all channels in digital marketing, looking at your email analytics will help guide your strategy.

email analyticsMany companies only look at Open Rates as the most important KPI, but don’t forget to analyze your other KPI’s. These include Bounces, Unsubscribes, Spam Reports, Clicks, Bounce Rate of Your Landing Page, and Social Shares. Looking at all of these metrics will help you create a holistic overview of your email campaign and help guide the optimization strategy for your next email blast.

Based on my previous experience I have seen always seen a low cost per acquisition (CPA) via Email Marketing, specifically for eCommerce, compared to my other marketing channels. Following the 4 steps I outlined above, Subject, Segmentation, Consistency and Tracking, will you help you achieve better KPI’s while lowering your CPA. The most important benefit from the 4 steps is customer engagement that will allow you to build a relationship, which in turn will increase the lifetime value of your customers.