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4 Reasons to use Facebook for B2B Marketing

With over 1.4 billion global users and 900 million daily users, Facebook provides the largest network for advertisers to connect with a targeted audience.  Although many business-to-business marketers think of LinkedIn first, when considering digital media buying, Facebook has a strong offering.


The ads available through Facebook provide many targeting options, including:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connections

Also, utilizing other features, it become possible to expand the marketing reach even further.  For example, Partner Categories, marketers can leverage third-party data from Facebook partners including Oracle and Experian, to reach new audiences.  Custom Audiences provide the ability to develop your own marketing database within Facebook, using your existing contact list.  Similarly, a feature called Lookalike Audiences, provides marketers with the ability to target new Facebook users based on your customers traits, such as age, location, interests etc.

Business Resultsspredfast-ad

Marketers can determine the desired business result of their ad campaign prior to starting.  We like this feature with Facebook because it provides a measurable and quantifiable goal for each campaign.  For example, one company might be trying to promote an eBook.  Our ad campaign would drive website conversions that deliver the eBook to each new registrant.  Another company may be driving event attendance to an upcoming seminar or workshop.  Marketers can test several different business results oriented campaign, including:

  • Page Post Engagement: drive people to like, comment and share your Facebook Page Content
  • Page Likes: increase Page Likes
  • Website Visits: send people to your company website
  • Website Conversions: promote registration, actions or purchases via your website
  • App Installs and App Engagement
  • Event Registration: Allow users to RSVP and add to calendar
  • Offer Claims: Discounts and rewards
  • Slideshows and Carousel ads: Visually represent your business with multiple screens
  • Video Ads and Video Views
  • Drive Leads: Inform users of

snag-it-ad revel-systems-ad


Using Facebook Insights will help marketers track the effectiveness of each ad campaign. The basic tracking provided by FB Insights includes:

  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Page Views
  • Posts
  • People


Similarly, the ad manager provides campaign management information including campaign status, costs, placement, results and delivery.  There is also an easy way to test different creative sets within a campaign.


Additionally, using the Facebook Pixel, marketers can place a snippet of code on each page of their site (might need the help of a developer for this task) and thus track all of the Facebook activity using a third-party web analytics tool such as Google Analytics.  We recommend this level of tracking as it will help you analyze your Facebook marketing campaign as compared to all of your other digital channels.  This tactic aligns with conversion optimization for your digital marketing over time.


Another advantage to installing the Facebook Pixel is to begin building a remarketing base from your website.  By installing the pixel, you can message your own website visitors when they land on Facebook.  This can be a powerful way to reengage your website audience.  Remarketing campaigns have become a powerful tool for B2B marketers.