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Pinterest – 5 Tips for Success

Post #3 of 6 in the series: Social Media Best Practices

fall layers pinIn October 2014, an article in Forbes projected that the visual social network Pinterest will top 40 million global users. A very active user base, Pinterest users have created more than 750 million boards made up of over 30 billion individual pins. According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, during the 2013 holiday season, Pinterest was reportedly responsible for nearly 25% of all social sharing. In the Forbes article Facebook is defined as the network of the past, inspiring people to connect with old friend and share a staggering amount of personal information – all good for marketers with targeted messages. Twitter is considered the network of the present, which allows marketers to be part of a real-time conversation like the Super Bowl or an election. However, Pinterest offers marketers something very different: a glimpse into the future. Effective marketers can seize the opportunity when consumers pin items from their wish list to provide a captivating message or opportunity.

Below are 5 Pinterest tips for success.

1. Utilize pins effectively. When pinning images on Pinterest, it is important to carefully select the best images. If the image quality is poor, edit it or select a different image. Similarly, make sure the description is clear and well written before pinning. Pins should be organized in relevant boards and the link should be tested to ensure it works and goes to the proper destination. The “Pin It” button can be installed in most browsers and makes it easy to add pins throughout the day.

2. Pinning should be authentic, not forced. If pins are being added just to boost numbers, they will not be as effective. Identify what your customers are interested in seeing and use original pins that will be interesting and attractive to your audience.

3. Pinterest users are typically very engaged. Spending time to repin and like the pins of others will often result in reciprocity. This can also be a nice way to let your customers, fans, followers, vendors and partners know of your presence on Pinterest.
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4. Tell stories. Marketers and brands who tell their stories through social media using images, videos, infographics and other visuals have a distinct advantage over those using text. There are many opportunities to tell the story of a brand. Some examples are:

– About Us: our office, our founders, our favorite things.

– Tips & Tricks: product photos/ideas, people using products.

– Company Culture: team photos, holidays/birthdays etc.

– Charitable Giving: photos of volunteer events, philanthropic messaging etc.starbucks pinshutterfly pin

5. Generate Leads & Buzz. When used effectively, Pinterest can be leveraged for driving leads and buzz about a company. Many companies are posting coupons or savings pins across Pinterest to generate new customers. When Pinterest is used effectively, it can become a top referrer of traffic to the website which ultimately results in leads and sales.