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Advertising On Snapchat

Five Ways to Advertise on Snapchat

It is currently estimated that the average person will spend five years and four months of their life on a social media platform.  With a staggering amount of time spent on social media and advertising bombarding users from every direction brands are increasingly challenged to explore new avenues for advertising that are integrated, thoughtful and effective.

Focusing in on one of the newest players to the social media advertising space, Snapchat has taken the vertical photo and video ad format by storm with 161 million daily active users.  Although Facebook still dwarfs this growing social media platform, App Annie reports that on average, 35% of Snapchat’s U.S. daily users are not reachable on Facebook that same day, 46% can’t be found on Instagram and 61% can’t be found on YouTube.

With these users accessible only on Snapchat it is key for marketers to take a closer look at advertising on Snapchat. Below are the five primary methods advertising can be ingested on Snapchat.

Snap Ads:

Snap Ads offer the magic of sight, sound, and motion — in a format truly made for mobile. They begin with an up to 10-second vertical video, and then offer the option to add an interactive element one swipe away.  Interactive elements include long format articles, long format video, app install and web views.  Once at the bottom of the ad, users have the ability to swipe up to view these additional ad options.

Discover Ads:

Snapchat Discover is the publisher content driven portion of Snapchat.  Here users can view editorial content from news outlets, pop culture magazines and more.   Intermixed with publisher content, marketers can utilize the same content format publishers do to run a Snap Ad + Article.  Articles can include text, in-line videos that autoplay, animated GIFs, as well as images and galleries.

Discover Ads

Live Stories:

Live Stories are compilations of users photos and videos based on themes and events around the world like the Super Bowl, Election Day, Chicago etc.  Snap Ads appear interspersed throughout these stories.

Sponsored Lenses:

Sponsored lens are the most unique ad product that Snapchat offers.  Lenses are animated overlays that augment your face or your surroundings.

This feature is highly engaging encouraging users to interact for several seconds with the lens, take a photo or record a video.  Advertisers work with Snapchat to create sponsored lenses that include brand logo and the desired animated overlay such as morphing a users head into a taco for Taco Bell.

Sponsored Lenses


Geofilters are static overlay filters that are available based on a user’s location.  Advertisers can leverage geofilters for large events, retail store locations, restaurant locations and more.


The highly engaging and unique advertising opportunities that Snapchat offers make advertising on Snapchat an exciting twist from the tired standard banner ad.  Snapchat is an important new format to consider in the Social Media advertising space.