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Client Spotlight: Yoga Now

In the fall of 2014, the owner of the Chicago-based yoga studio, Yoga Now, approached Kona Company regarding a new website.  The existing website was out of date, not well optimized and not mobile friendly.  Kona Company got to work on a new website, which launched earlier this week. This newly optimized website promotes a positive user experience with easy to use navigation and user-friendly layout. Its mobile friendly design improves Yoga Now’s ranking on search engines such as Google in accordance with Google’s algorithm.

Yoga Now, situated in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast, provides yogis of all skill levels– from first timers to seasoned pros– an “inspiring, soulful transformation through yoga classes and massages in an eco-friendly studio and in the workplace.” The well-regarded, highly trained teachers relay positive energy to students through a myriad of yoga and healing opportunities and allow students to grow on their journey to a healthy body and spirit. Classes are offered in an extensive range of yoga disciplines– Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Forrest, Jivamukti, Yoga Basics and PreNatal yoga– and a wide variety of massage and healing options–from Abhyanga, an ancient Indian Ayurvedic warm oil massage to Deep Tissue Massages to Reiki, a Japanese technique for relaxation that promotes healing through the direction of life force energy– catering to a wide variety of experiences.

Instructors and yogis matriculate through Yoga Now’s respected Teacher Training program that is offered twice a year. Yoga Now’s studio is built with all eco-friendly materials such as earthen clay plasters on the walls, recycled blue jeans for insulation, and renewable bamboo floors.

Through their partnership with Kona Company for the development a new, modern website, the new Yoga Now Chicago website reflects the Yoga Now Chicago ambiance and harmonious mindset. Their newly optimized website provides clients the opportunities to learn more about the staff, see where they come from and their perspective on the craft.

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As a testament to what Digital Strategy has done for their business model, Amy Treciokas, owner of Yoga Now stated on Wednesday: “We are thrilled about the launch of our new website.  Working with Kona Company, we have updated the look and feel to support our teachers and our studio while also providing better access to classes and appointment setting for our students.  We recognize the importance of digital technology and are proud to partner with Kona Company on this important piece of our business.”

Before their new website was launched, Yoga Now Chicago’s page had a simple layout with a red, white and blue color scheme. Generalized directions and logistics were provided such as how to get to their studio via mass transit, directions from the northern suburbs, and parking options.

R, W, B pages

On the new Yoga Now website, the color scheme is a bright and peaceful purple and gray and features a promotional “What is Happening at Yoga Now?” deep purple banner to keep visitors in the know. Additionally, students and teachers alike can utilize the mapping element powered by Google Maps technology and a ‘MAP IT’ plugin that is accessible on every page within the site. This allows users to customize their location and plan ahead.

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'Map it' Screenshot

Additionally, the new website upgrades the scheduling process and calendar. Students may filter the calendar based on their personalized choices; from selecting the type of class and teacher, this feature allows students to plan according to their schedule and arrive at their personalized combination of choice with user friendly drop down tabs and the ability to plan weeks ahead of time. In addition to informing the user about the class type and teacher, the scheduling module provides users an idea of the location, room size and class duration of time.

 schedule module

Kona Company and Yoga Now agree on the importance of social media integration.  With the ‘MY INFO’ tab, students may connect with the site via their Facebook login or distinct account to access saved scheduled events in the past, plan for the future, and access the online store.


my info tab

Yoga Now will continue to thrive as a both a place of healing and relaxation and a business model with the help of its newly optimized website. By connecting students and teachers and offering new digital tools to our community, Yoga Now and Kona Company are transforming the union between technology and yoga.

To learn more about Yoga Now and their wide variety of yoga classes, massages and healing opportunities, visit their homepage here.

For more information on how Kona Company can help transform your business using technology and digital strategy, please contact us today.


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