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Crafting an Effective SEM Landing Page

Cyber Monday online sales are expected to surpass $2.5 billion this year so it is essential to prepare your landing page not only for that hectic sales week, but also for consistently high seasonal web traffic. A landing page should be a simplified page that demonstrates the service, or product, in relation to the users’ keywords. Strong content that utilizes users’ search keywords will provide a high quality score in AdWords resulting in lower cost-per-click and a better ranking.

Search Engine Marketing landing pages are specifically crafted for an individual campaign and are designed to incite specific user actions such as sign-ups, trials, demonstrations, leads or purchases. Now that the general intent of an ideal landing page is understood, consider these tips below for actually creating an efficient SEM landing page that will effectively convert users:

1. Eliminate Extra Elements – Users were previously screened by the ad copy, so they do not want a general page requiring further clicks to bring them to their desired content. Design the landing page as an extension of the ad copy by including the same words the user clicked on within the landing page itself. Additionally, remove navigation bars that send people away from your call to action.

2. Keep it Simple – Ensure your key message is clear and provides the user with a straightforward next step (e.g. Download Now). Crafting a landing page where all elements relate back to the desired user response is far simpler with a concise presentation.

Landing Page Layout

3. Highlight Forms – Forms on the landing page should be prominent and limited to only a few key fields. The consumer has already demonstrated interest by clicking on your ad copy, so focus on the landing page to complete the transaction.

4. Judiciously Choose Images – Don’t use stock photography, instead use images with a direct connection to your business. At the same time, limit the total number of images on the landing page so that consumers will focus on only the most important material. Even Hero Images, or the large image-based banners emphasizing your most important content, should not be the main focus of an SEM landing page. If you choose to include a Hero Image, however, ensure that it displays your product or service being used.

5. Seasonal Specificity – With the basic framework of a landing page set in place, take time to incorporate references to the Holiday Season. Incorporate a Christmas color scheme and consider going further with mention of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to add an extra sense of urgency. These seasonal considerations extend to holidays throughout the year, providing a simple method of keeping your landing page relevant.