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7 Traits to creating a successful content marketing strategy

If you are a digital media professional and missed this year’s Social Media Week Chicago you missed out on insightful presentations focused on social media and digital marketing concepts. While the handful of sessions I sat in had great ideas for implementing into any digital marketing strategy, a session on content marketing highlighted key concepts on why content marketing is so important to a brand and how every brand should be using it to their advantage.

First things first, as said by Founder and CEO, Mark Landsberg, of the social media agency Social Deviant,
“Content is king, context is emperor.”
Content is cultivated by an idea, defined, and driven by purpose.

What defines content, and not just content but credible, precise and all around great content?
If you can answer these few questions with a yes then you’re off to a good start:

  • Does it fill the consumer need?
    Don’t just have content to have content- you’re not looking for a space filler. Be sure you are continuously sustaining the consumer’s need.
  • Does the content include value?
    In other words, is this content valuable to your consumer? Will it provide them with insight, encourage interest in your brand and feed the needs of your consumer?
  • Most important, is there human truth?
    Consumers want to relate and connect with your brand- if you can create that connection and execute new ideas through content you can create lasting consumer relationships.

Now that we’ve defined content, let’s go over some of the key Traits of Successful Content Marketing as discussed by Landsberg at the “Ignite Consumer Action- Driving best-in-class content marketing” SMW Chicago session.


  1. “Know Your Why”
    Have a clear vision of your purpose, your brand and your ideal consumer. Know that you’re not driving you’re advertising with content. Ads draw the consumer in, content creates the lasting connection.
  2. “Claim A Goal and Take Action”
    Having goals is easy, but be sure to follow through.
  3. “Know Your Goal”
    Be thoughtful in how you execute your goals. Make them meaningful to your target audience. Include your audience’s participation. Be specific. Hint: Using various platforms of social media is good for this.
  4. “Diversify the Content Mix”
    Use different platforms to create and distribute content, BUT be sure to uphold relevancy. (Hint: If your brand doesn’t already have at least three of the major networks, you’re out of the loop. ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  5. “Provide Specific Value”
    I can’t say this enough, if you’re not meeting the needs of your audience through content then it’s not valuable. Consider interesting formats such as video or infographics. Content comes in many shapes and sizes.
  6. “Curate Community”
    Involve your audience and allow them to curate. This has become a popular (and inexpensive) trend with brands lately. Start a hashtag campaign, and encourage audience to create your content.
  7. “Testing”
    Test the platforms and the content. If it doesn’t receive positive feedback, or any feedback, move on.

Advertising is about producing the purchase, content creates the relationship.
These traits can help you plan out your content marketing strategy, and furthermore bring in new loyal customers. All that’s left to do is to start planning, execute the strategy and start optimizing.

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