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Film Festival App Created for LA Film Fest

The release of our LA Film Festival app earlier this year was a huge success. In addition to LAFF asking us to create their app for next year, other festivals have started talking about creating their own app. These projects are proving the ability the Kona Company team to create effective and sleek apps for any size festival. The press has also taken notice, with news publication recently featuring Kona Company and its CEO Kelly Cutler in an article.

LA Film Fest App

In the article, they cover the successful process that we take when developing a mobile app. From starting out with goals & strategy through design & development, we are with the client every step of the way. This ability to coordinate with festivals is summarized best by CEO Kelly Cutler, saying, “We help and guide festivals but they have a lot of creative control. We like to help “sell” the films for them.”

The trend of festivals creating an app, and ditching paper programs, has been spearheaded by some of the most successful film festivals in the world, such as Sundance and Cannes. The major benefit with an app is providing attendees regular and timely updates on screenings, previews, and filmmakers, all in the palm of their hand. This gives festivals greater flexibility, increased attendance, better audience engagement, and a more successful overall experience. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective way to eliminate the hassle and wasted resources of paper program guides.

Some of the components of the turnkey festival app include map & calendars, news, sponsorship opportunities, ticketing integration, social sharing, and many more. The options for customization are widespread. With all the features and benefits available to apps, it’s likely that most festivals will be creating their own very soon. With 58% of American adults owning smartphones and 42% owning tablets, it is true when Cutler says that “mobile is no longer a new trend, it is the trend.”

Learn more about our festival app here, and contact us if you’re interested in creating an app for your festival.