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SEM: Google AdWords Extensions

Google AdWords Extensions, A Personal Experience and How Extensions Can Help Your Business

Let’s review Google’s Site Extensions for AdWords, both from a personal perspective as well as quality score perspective.

Last week my car started spilling gasoline in a Jewel parking lot on one of the coldest nights of the winter.  My dealership was open until 9pm, it was 7:30pm, but I needed a tow.  I couldn’t remember the name of the towing company I had previously used, so a quick Google search and I found the company.  It was a Google AdWords ad and they were using Call Extensions.  It made my night, because it made a stressful situation, just a little bit easier.

Now, let’s review some of the features of Ad Extensions and how you can use them to benefit your business.


Sitelinks Extensions

Allows you to list up to 4 sitelinks to show additional pages (besides the homepage) that maybe relevant to your user.


Location Extensions

Allows you to add your business address, making it easier for mobile users to find you.


Call Extensions

Allows you to list your phone number.  For mobile users, they have a one click call button making for a better user experience.

AdWords Call Extension

App Extensions

You can promote your app through AdWords, but these will only show up on Mobile/Tablet devices.


Review Extensions

Show 3rd party reviews of your products from reputable sources.


If you’re running a Google AdWords campaigns without using these valuable Ad Extensions you’re missing out, on many levels.  Google’s ad ranking algorithm takes into consideration your maximum Cost Per Click, as well as your quality score, but now also includes the use of ad extensions and formatting.  Get them up as soon as you can, you’ll not only enjoy the benefit, but your customers will also appreciate it.  For more information about Google AdWords Extensions or a free evaluation of your current AdWords campaign, contact us.