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Google Analytics Updates

Google Analytics recently released a number of updates to continue to improve and expand the capabilities of its tracking tools. Through innovative partnerships with industry leaders in the areas of TV attribution, IT data management and Public Relations, Google Analytics continue to strive to be the best solution for web analytics.  In this post we will review the integration with Rentrak, SkyGlue and PR Air and the value each will bring to Google Analytics.


1. Search Response & Airings Data in TV Attribution:


Building on last year’s announcement of Adometry TV Attribution, Google launched an integration between Google Search query data and Rentrak,a leader and trusted source for TV airings information, airings data.


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The partnership was forged between Google Analytics and Rentrak in an effort to understand the important moments broadcast investments create. For instance, when a consumer sees something on television or hears something on the radio and is driven to search for what it is in an “I want to know”, “I want to go” or “I want to buy” on the closest screen they have.


Thus, this new update allows marketers to know in real time what messages from their content are sticking (ex: is it 20 minutes into the program, right after the third commercial break etc.) by analyzing search query volume from Google.


Interpreting this partnership from the perspective of SEO and Paid Search, this new integration allows marketers to gain insight into what keywords are sticking and which content maximizes “TV interest


Additionally, the integration with Rentrak allows marketers to get data more quickly as it requires less coordination between numerous agencies, partners and TV measurement companies—a less time-consuming process overall. This allow for more up-to-date analysis and continual optimization of strategy.


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2.      SkyGlue:


SkyGlue is a free and useful add-on tool that integrates with Google Analytics to give  web analysts additional valuable data insights. SkyGlue allows web analysts to gain insight about visitor interaction with their websites; by allowing you to see not only what pages users are visiting, but also what users are doing on these pages once they get there.


Example of SkyGlue report


With the SkyGlue web portal, web analysts can “gain independence from IT resources” as the portal creates “on-the-fly customization” with the simple addition of one line of JavaScript to a website. With this feature, SkyGlue automatically sends data reports on the interactions with any HTML element straight to your Google Analytics account. This promotes seamless integration of your website with Google Analytics and is sure to be a meaningful  tool.

Additionally, SkyGlue provides ‘special reporting’ and full integration with Google Analytics advanced settings to allow web analysts to zoom-in on selected groups of visitors and track users’ “entire sequence of visits and interactions” This feature permits web analysts to:


  • understand customer behavior
  • discover patterns
  • identify technical glitches
  • improve customer service
  • find ways to increase conversion and retention rates


While the features described above touch on tools that integrate outside data with Google Analytics, SkyGlue can also be used on a daily basis to export data already in Google Analytics to integrate with any CRM or other data source.


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3.           AirPR:


Before the public relations firm, AirPR developed an analytical solution, Analyst, the PR  industry was lagging behind in quantitative measurement.When integrated with Google Analytics, the Analyst tool provides a single dashboard that displays performance across all efforts in one space. Within just 30 minutes from joining, web analysts can fully onboard and within a day can begin to pull data and reports on current PR activity.


 AirPR sample report


This tool was further strengthened as a result of its integration with Google Analytics. The single dashboard on Analyst now allows for a comprehensive view of data that is both meaningful and actionable in the aggregate. Providing context for the data allow web analysts to realize “raw data into true information” that can be utilized to improve efficiency for business goals moving forward.


Pick up AirPR’s Analyst if you are interested in leveraging your Google Analytics data to both display PR-specific performance and to demonstrate ROI.


Google Analytics remains at the core of Digital Strategy. The partnerships formed between Google Analytics and Rentrak, SkyGlue and AirPR will contribute to the overall strength of Google Analytics as a service for web analysts worldwide. Incorporating these new features will continue to enhance the ability for marketers to better measure and understand their Digital Marketing and Strategy, now and in the future.


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