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Analytics 360: What’s new and why you will love it

The long awaited analytics update is finally here, after much anticipation.  While rebranding Google Premium and Tag Manager, Google has made updates by including additional features and creating the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

While no drastic changes were made with premium and tag manager features, here is a rundown of the suite’s newest products.

  1. Optimize 360 (Beta)

    Optimize helps to create the optimal experience by integrating a more efficient way of testing sites and customer behavior.  It has also made experimenting with various marketing campaigns easier for marketers.    The simple visual interface delivers an easy way to create A/B, multivariate and redirect tests for landing pages and campaigns.

  1. Attribution 360

    This feature focuses on the customer’s journey and creates accurate attribution metrics for cross-channel campaigns.  By integrating with Double Click, offline conversion sources and Analytics 360, marketers will have clear insight into campaign performance.  Attribution 360 also includes features that will provide recommendations based on your company.

  1. Audience Center 360 (Beta)

    Here marketers can analyze the customer set, their behaviors and habits.  Data from the most important channels – including email, social, search and CRM, comes together to deliver important insights like overlap, look-alike opportunities and more.  With the ability to integrate with Double-Click and Google Adwords, as well as third-party programs you’ll be able to view overlapping and relatable data, forming a defined model.

  1. Data Studio 360 (Beta)

Sharing data just became so simple (I’m most excited for this feature).  With Data Studio, Google has made it so easy to share data by integrating a drag-and-drop feature.  With templates provided and the ability to build your own design, creating reports seems like a breeze.  The editable reports make it easy for team members to edit, comment and reuse templates for similar future reports.

By personalizing and forming an all-in-one suite, Google has created an analytics platform that provides a one stop shop for marketers.

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