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Global Brand Trend

How To Make Your Brand Trend Globally Through Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been on the rise as one of the best tools to convey messages to domestic and global customers. It’s defined as the business practice of creating and distributing content to attract and engage a clearly identified target. According to Impact, “Content marketing is expected to be a $300 billion industry by 2019.” If a company wants to capitalize by widening its distribution from domestic to global, how should the content change? Is there a way, rather than creating different content for each region, to target your international niche with small and cost-effective changes to your strategy? Below, we discuss how to assess this and go about making your brand trend globally with some of those strategic changes.

Getting To Know The Consumer

When going global, first get to know how your domestic customers experience your brand. What are their consumption patterns and what is their willingness to share content? “Share Stats” on a WordPress blog can review what content is being shared, how many times it’s shared, and through which social media platforms. Other tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite can measure and organize social sharing data. Develop an in-depth grasp of how these domestic consumers interact with your product or service. Understand and establish what diversifies your name from your competitors, and why certain users turn your way. Once these factors are identified, delivering content will become more natural and data-driven, creating more organic user engagement. Next, research relevant products or services similar to yours in international territories and examine if the users in these markets act and react the same way your domestic users do. This will help determine if you can create one exceptional piece of content to target your international niche, or if you will need to diversify your content, which will ultimately create more work.

Mastering The Art Of Global SharingCoca-Cola Share With Friends Campaign

Coca-Cola had one of the best marketing campaigns that demonstrated how to create content for international users, without having to change the material for each region of the world. The “Share a Coke” campaign swapped out their globally known brand name for people’s names from around the world. This gave the purchase a personalized feel, connecting the product to the user. The idea was for consumers to buy a Coke with their name, or a friend’s name, and use the hashtag #ShareACoke (#JaaCoke, #Kōraokyōyū, #DelaEnCoke). This prompted rich content from their fans, giving them creative control by encouraging them to share their stories through memes, pictures, and short videos. The campaign developed a life of its own on social media and went viral throughout many different markets and cultures.

Staying Competitive with a Budget 

Coca-Cola is a very large brand to compete with; likewise many companies don’t have the marketing budget to match their competitor’s brand visibility. So, how can you make your brand have an identity in international markets with a tighter budget? Assuming you have studied your product’s place in the global market landscape, all you have to do now is find or create content that will positively affect the awareness of your company. Again, the way to do this is by making your content relevant and desirable to the target audience. Also, consider where you want to direct the audience. The first branded destination people see is often your landing page, which should contain the most alluring visual content to keep the user interested and engaged. The small time frame when a consumer views your landing page is crucial, and should make them want to stay with your content longer. This inexpensive strategy can ultimately transform a user’s need to a want, creating awareness to your brand and generating conversions.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Use key events happening around the world and bring them to life through content. An example of a global event that involves almost every market is the Olympics. Use the awareness of its name, correlate it with your brand, and create ties with your users through social media to create your own presence. Use free or inexpensive content marketing tools like Freedly, Penflip, Zemanta, or Even with low to no budget, this can bring your brand out of the shadows. You might even consider sharing your larger competitor’s content (of course giving them credit to what you retweet or share, etc) and attract their following to you. By using these practices, you are exposing your content internationally without having to differentiate each and every single piece of content to a different market.


Understand what drives, captivates and engages the users in your targeted spectrum. Find what’s trending in the different demographic regions and use it to your advantage. Content Marketing is a channel accessible to anyone everywhere with the omnipresence of mobile technology. Put your company’s message in the pocket of your consumers and open up visibility to your brand. Finally, be the trend that creates change because change is recognizable beyond borders. Contact us to find out how Kona Company can deliver strategic Content Marketing for your company.