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Marketing in a digital world: Mobile

For online consumers today, time and efficiency are critical when it comes to results.  Most people are focused on how quickly they can receive results, and exact results at that. With digital media constantly evolving, and the demands of consumers ever-changing, every brand will jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon, if they haven’t already.  Comscore’s 2015 Mobile App report stated over the past two years, total digital media usage increased by 49% and the use of mobile browsers saw 53% growth.  This is an indication that brands need to step up their mobile game and adhere to the progression of consumers’ needs.


Source: SmartInsights


Responsive Design

This may seem like a topic that has been overly discussed, but responsive design is first and foremost when honing in on mobile marketing.  Creating an optimal viewing and visual experience for your audience showcases your professionalism and the quality of your brand.  This is so important, because your website is not only being viewed on desktop computers, but also on tablets and smartphones.


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Pathway to Purchase

Most purchases start on a mobile device.  The purchase may not always be made through a mobile device – although e-commerce is now becoming more efficient via mobile – but the pathway to purchase many times begins with a mobile search.  Even more reason to be sure all your mobile marketing ducks are in a row.  Many shoppers will use their smartphone for the initial research, price and competitor comparison, and continue to purchase later online, or even in store. According to ‘Social Media Today,’ 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-purchasing activities and 84% use their smartphone for research while shopping in-store.


social media today

Source: SocialMediaToday


Mobile Advertising

If you’re still not convinced of the need to deliver on mobile marketing then let’s trying looking at mobile advertising. Marketers are embracing mobile advertising now more than ever.  This is  especially true with social media sites and the ability to target ads to an individual based on recent web searches, a phenomena called interest-based ads.  EMarketer forecasts that in 2016 there will be over $101 Billion in mobile ad spending and estimates that by next year there will be over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. This shows the rise in visibility across the board for mobile search, SEO, and even email marketing.




Responsive design is, first and foremost, the most important step in going forward with mobile marketing.  Be sure sure you fully understand the pathway to purchase, along with the user experience and expectations.  Stay in the loop with mobile advertising and recognize the rise in mobile ads and spending.  If you can turn your focus to these few notions you’re on your way to successful mobile marketing.

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