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SEO Benefits of Blogging

Post #3 of 3 in the series: The Importance of Blogging

In the third and final section of the series, we will discuss the SEO benefits that are associated with blogging. While SEO can be a complicated and tedious process, there are basic SEO elements that small or large businesses can optimize to generate higher rankings.  The following SEO benefits of blogging will cover 4 ways to keep content new and exciting, implement anchor text, internal linking and tags within blogs that will help your company.

Fresh Content

Having new and interesting content is a must for websites that want SEO success. Be sure to regularly update your website and stay up to date with current trends in the media. Doing this will not only give your site more relevance but it will also widen keyword searches and generate more traffic by offering a wide variety of content.anchor

Anchor Text

Anchor text, the clickable text in a hyperlink, allows users to be easily directed to related and relevant pages. Instead of using generic texts like “click here” or “more” which are virtually useless to search engines, insert text that is related to the content of the page. Thus, whenever possible, try to implement keywords or keyword phrases as the anchor text.  This will make it easier for users, as well as for search engines, to understand what they may be directed to.

Internal Linking

One of the perks of the internet and today’s digital world is being able to access information easily and efficiently. To maintain this efficiency, make sure that your website is properly linked between pages. This will allow search engines to easily navigate from page to page in order to access and store data. If search engines do not have access to certain pages, they are essentially nonexistent and will not show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the internet is the convenience of being able to search and find results in a timely manner. Tagging creates an easy way for users to find related and relevant content. Include tags for all appropriate content, specifically categories, products and keywords. Doing this will provide a benefit by linking users to relatable content, making their experience efficient and valuable.


With 77% of today’s internet users reading blog posts, it is evident that blogs can be an extremely beneficial aspect to any company that is looking to increase their online presence. In this 3 part series, The Importance of Blogging, we have covered everything from the SEO, to setting up goals and learning how to reach them. The listed SEO benefits of blogging in part 3 point out what strategies work and how to implement them for your benefit. Taking all of the information from parts 1, 2 and 3 and applying them within your company blogs will guarantee an increase in your blogging success.