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social media seo

The Ascent of Social SEO

"Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique, and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings." ~ Rand Fishkin, CEO/Co-Founder, Moz Social…

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Social Media Icons

Social Media: Which Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On?

We are constantly being bombarded with new social media platforms that pop up or become the new “shiny toy”.  It becomes hard to remember them all as we consider the big networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and the newer networks that are becoming more mainstream (Pinterest, Instagram etc), as well as the buzz-worthy platforms like SnapChat, Secret, SocialPop and more.

When starting a new business, rebranding, or building a strategy for an existing company, which social platforms should be part of the mix?  Below I will outline the top 4 social media platforms that any company should use.

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