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The Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Retail

Business owners across all verticals are always looking for the best social media platforms to use in order to bring in more conversions. This is especially true in highly competitive retail industries.

Companies may wonder which social media platforms their target audiences are using, where they’ll be able to make the most headway when it comes to brand awareness, and which platforms will actually generate traffic and sales.

By identifying where the biggest retail companies are finding success, we can offer recommendations on which social media platforms will help your business achieve its 2018 marketing goals. These are the top 3 social media platforms for retail right now.


The visual nature of Pinterest makes it popular among its users, and a strong platform for companies to showcase their ecommerce products. Displaying new product arrivals and seasonal specials is a great way to increase brand awareness and boost site traffic.

Companies can also choose to offer promoted pins and display price information to encourage shopping from their pins. The most popular ways to pin products are to feature individual products artistically or to pair up items to create boards around a certain theme or style.


Traditionally Pinterest has been more popular among women than men, but it’s gaining traction with the male demographic, especially with men who enjoy shopping, design and high style.


Instagram is another highly visual social media platform, whose recent popularity (especially among younger demographics) makes it a valuable platform for companies to appeal to target audiences.

Both men and women use Instagram equally, making it a gender-neutral platform with a lot of potential. Companies on Instagram see the most success showcasing models displaying seasonal trends and popular looks. The ability to tag photos with location information also offers an interesting potential for local retail companies that want to highlight different styles available at various locations.



Facebook has consistently been the most popular social media platform over the years, which makes it a solid choice for companies in all industries.  With close to 2 billion global users and interesting targeting capabilities, marketers can offer their customers a very specific and interesting shopping experience right from Facebook.

eCommerce websites can make the most use of Facebook by uploading many rich images of products in addition to posting promotional updates. Being able to pair photos of the items that they’re selling with real-time sales information allows companies to keep followers updated with the most up-to-date information. This is especially key for businesses that want to offer daily deals, lightning sales, and other short-term or limited-quantity offers.

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