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Top 5 Avoidable SEO Mistakes

While SEO can be a complicated and tedious process, there are certainly basics that all people, whether individual web designers or large businesses, can utilize in order to generate more organic search traffic. If you are looking to increase online presence, make sure to check out the following Top 5 avoidable SEO mistakes:


  1.  Failure to do Keyword Research

One of the most common, avoidable SEO mistakes that many businesses make is the lack of keyword research. Keyword research is essential to the successful SEO for any website. Insufficient and low quality keywords can drastically limit website traffic and ultimately lower rankings on search engines. Contrastingly, researching and implementing optimal keywords will increase the visibility and overall ranking of a given site. This can also improve organic search results and generate more quality leads. Use search tools such as Keyword Planner on Google AdWords to find the most successful and used terms. There are many useful tools for keyword research that provide valuable insights such as click and cost performance, traffic forecasts, competitive insights and search volume data and trends.


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  1.   Outdated Content

Having new and interesting content is a must for successful websites. Be sure to regularly update the website and stay up to date with current trends. Doing this will not only give your site more relevance but it will also most likely widen keyword searches and generate more traffic.  Include press releases, company information, infographics and blog posts into the company’s content marketing site.  This will deliver a better user experience as well as long-term SEO benefits.


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  1.       Improper Internal Linking

One of the perks of the Internet and today’s digital world is being able to access information easily and efficiently on a wide variety of devices. Do yourself a favor and make sure that your website is properly linked to different pages and can be crawled easily. If crawlers don’t have access to interior pages, they are nonexistent to search engines and will not show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). The more pages your website is linked to, the more your website traffic will increase.


  1.      Canonicalization

Keeping things plain and simple for search engines is key to optimizing a website. Don’t confuse search engines by having multiple URL’s; this will only result in less traffic and lower rankings. Use rel=”Canonical” tag on duplicate versions in order to point all of the traffic to one URL. Canonicalization is essential to more traffic and higher rankings for successful websites.


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  1.       Ignoring Analytics

The best way to distinguish how well a website is doing is to regularly view its web analytics. Without analytics, it would be difficult to accumulate the data needed to determine what is working within a website and what aspects need to be altered. To be as successful as possible, set up conversion goals and check on a weekly or monthly basis to compare the results. Knowing where you are and where you want to go is crucial when on the road to building a more optimized website, and this process is greatly improved by utilizing analytics on a regular basis.


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Search Engine Optimization is a critical component to any website that cannot be ignored. While many recognize the importance of earning a high ranking, very few actually demonstrate this understanding by optimizing websites correctly. By avoiding these Top 5 SEO mistakes, one can begin to work towards creating a website that will generate more traffic and gain a higher ranking.

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