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Video Content Marketing: The Newest Brand Awareness Strategy

Post #2 of 4 in the series: Visual Content Marketing

We all know the benefits of B2B businesses creating unique and intriguing content to improve brand awareness, but what about video content marketing? A recent report concluded that not only are more B2B businesses turning to video as their newest marketing strategy, but they are finding success.

The First Report

In June, Michael Litt — the CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard, a company that manages and analyzes video content — released the “B2B Video Marketing Benchmark and Best Practices Report.” This report, in collaboration with Demand Metric, aimed to assess how, or if, B2B companies use video marketing.

Vidyard and Demand Metric, in partnership with Ascend2, surveyed 398 marketing and business professionals, 28 percent of which are represented in this particular report. Some of the key findings were:

• 70 percent of B2B marketers are marketers using videousing video

• Of that 70 percent, 82 percent consider their video marketing initiatives a success

• Nearly all video content marketers believe that video is gaining importance for marketing and sales


According to the report, the top three video landing page conversion
objectives for video assets were increase brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing, and engagement. Although only 19 percent of marketers noted conversion as one of their objective, video on the landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent.


Three of the main challenges listed by B2B marketers were lack of budget, lack of in-house resources, and difficulty crafting compelling content. However, 63 percent of the businesses and marketing professionals surveyed said that video spending is on the rise. In addition, 44 percent of respondents use internal and external resources to produce video.

The Second Report

In August, Vidyard and Demand Metric released the “Video Content Marketing: Identifying Metrics and Measuring Impact” Benchmark Report, which set out to evaluate how B2B marketers measure their video’s success.

Some of the key findings mentioned in the follow-up were:

• 86% of the B2B businesses surveyed are measuring the effectiveness of their video marketing

• Over 70% of survey participants claim that videos achieve a greater conversion rate in comparison to other content

• More than one-third of large B2B businesses produce over 100 marketing videos a year, compared to only four percent of small companies and five percent of mid-sized companies

The report also found that businesses using a combination of external sites to host their videos, such as Youtube and Vimeo in addition to their own sites, are producing the greatest ROI (Return on Investment). One surprising statistic is that only 25 percent of those surveyed are using viewing data to boost their content marketing strategies.

If you’re looking to improve your overall marketing strategy, video content may be something to consider. For more information on video content marketing and marketing strategy, contact Kona Company today.